The role of the Governing Council is to support the Strategic Direction of Linden Park Primary School in conjunction with the Principal and Leadership team, taking into account the needs and expectations of the school community. Parents are elected to the Council at an Annual General Meeting held in the first term each year.

2019 Governing Council members:

Principal – Deb O’Neill

Parent Representatives –

Emily Sidwell, Amanda  Kidd, Helen Liu, Trent Schroeter,  Kate Stock, Vanessa Tu, Amy Bredon, Kate Hannemann (Chair), Susie Inat (Deputy Chair), Hannah Keage, Carolyn Lam, Melanie Sandery, Maged Shenouda and Warwick Smith

Teacher representatives – David Muldoon, Geoff Mills and Jane Fuller

Meeting dates for 2020

17 February – AGM – 2020 elections for Governing Council members.

23 March, 25 May, 29 June, 17 August, 21 September, 26 October & 30 November

Reporting to the Governing Council are five sub-committees.
  • Finance Committee
  • Student Learning Support Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Campus Development Committee
  • Community & Fundraising Committee

The sub-committees play a critical role in the delivery of objectives set by the sub-committees and ratified by the Governing Council.

Any parent from the school community is welcome to join one or more of the sub-committees (Finance Committee is by invitation only) if they wish to become an active participant in the decision-making and management of the school within the Constitutional bounds of the Governing Council – please email with your contact details.