Our Leadership Team

  • Vicki Porter
  • Julie James
    Deputy Principal
  • Heidi Rohrig
    Deputy Principal

Our Teaching Philosophies

“Our role as teachers is to think creatively about ways we can help young people to have the desire, capacity and confidence to face the challenges and uncertainties life throws at them and to be the best possible person they can be.” Vicki Porter, Principal

“Children come to school with a diverse range of needs, backgrounds and learning styles.  Our role as educators is to work in partnership with parents and students, to provide meaningful learning experiences that allow all students to reach their full potential.” Heidi Rohrig, Deputy Principal

“I believe that by knowing my students well, I can support them to be thinkers and encourage the qualities they need to become lifelong learners.  By encouraging questioning and inquiry approaches, I support the development of critical and reflective thinking which will enable them to navigate their way through all of the information around them.” Julie James, Deputy Principal