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Linden Park Primary School aims to develop resilient, innovative, curious and creative lifelong learners who appreciate diversity and who will ultimately make a difference through their actions.


Student, Parent Teacher conferences

    Three-way student, parent & teacher interviews will be held from 22 March for approximately two weeks and we are utilising an online booking system.

    Interviews are strictly 15 minutes and spaces are limited. If you have multiple children at school, please do not book meetings back to back as it can take time walking between classes.

    It is important that your child attends the conference so they can participate in the discussions about their learning.  Three-way conferences are an ideal way for students to take responsibility for their learning and demonstrate their educational progress.  Interviews will run for a maximum of 15 minutes. Please be aware of the time as teachers run on a tight schedule to ensure they can meet with all parents.

    The first 10 minutes is when the students have the opportunity to discuss their learning.  This assists them to be independent learners and to be accountable for their own learning.  Prior to the conference your child’s teacher will work with your child to determine important information on their learning that they would like to share.  There will then be 5 minutes available at the end of the session for you and I (i.e. just the adults) to discuss any other matters relating to your child.  If a specific issue requires further discussion, we can always arrange another interview time for a later convenient date.

    Please click here for detailed instructions how to access “School Interviews” our online booking system. 

    Parents will need to add their appointments to their calendars - reminders will not be sent home.

    Enrolment at LPPS

    Reception 2022 
    Registrations of  Interest

    (D.O.B 1/5/2016 – 30/4/2017)

    Linden Park Primary School will be opening the 2022 Reception registration process as per the dates below. As per our Capacity Management Plan, only families physically living within the Linden Park Primary School zone will be eligible to register.

    OPENING Date*: Monday 15 March, 2021

    CLOSING Date*: Friday 6 August, 2021, 4:00pm*

    for more information click here

    Enrolment in 2021

    Enrolments at Linden Park Primary School are currently in high demand. As a result, the school is currently operating under a Capacity Management Plan. Currently, no vacancies exist at the school in years Reception – Year 7 and we are not able to offer direct enrolment at the school. Families living within our school zone may register their children for our Enrolment Register.

    School Tours

    There are currently no scheduled Linden Park Primary School tours. Please check back on the school website as new tour dates open.

    Please refer to our Quicklink "How to Enrol" for more detailed information on all enrolments.

    Early Dismissals

    Next Thursday 1 April 2021 (Week 10, Term 1) School will finish with early dismissal at 2:10pm for the Easter long weekend.  Normal school uniform is to be worn on Thursday.

    We wish all our LPPS families a Happy Easter.

    School will be back on Tuesday 6th April, normal time 8:50am.

    Also we would like to remind families that school will finish at 2:10pm on Friday 9th April 2021 as it is the end of TERM 1 2021.

    Term 2 commences Tuesday 27 April.

    Videos for parents


    If you have feedback or would like to meet and discuss any issues, you will find an appropriate method by following the link below.

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