Linden Park Primary School aims to develop resilient, innovative, curious and creative lifelong learners who appreciate diversity and who will ultimately make a difference through their actions.


LPPS Musical

Linden Park Primary School is pleased to present The X Factory, a musical about a fictional school - St Dithers - in grave danger of being closed down after a poor government inspection.  To fight back to save their school, the staff and pupils decide to recruit celebrity teachers and “super students” resulting in a hilarious fun and musical antics!

Musical Dates & Time:

We will have 4 Performances.

Show 1: Thursday 16th September for 1:40pm Matinee Performance (Features Yr 4 Rms 28+31)

Show 2: Thursday 16th September for 6:30pm Evening Performance (Features Yr 4 Rms 28+31)  SOLD OUT

Show 3: Friday 17th September for 1:40pm Matinee Performance (Features Yr 4 Rms 29+30)

Show 4: Friday 17th September for 6:30pm Evening Performance (Features Yr 4 Rms 29+30) SOLD OUT

Students who are performing in the musical should arrive for normal school day on Thursday/Friday.  The Matinee performance will finish in time for normal school dismissal (3:10pm).

Students who are performing must be collected from school and have a light meal at home before returning to school at 5:45pm for the evening performance.

Ticket information:

Tickets can purchased on QKR app for $15.  Ticket holders arrive 1:15pm for the 1:40pm performance OR 6:00pm for 6:30pm performance.  Siblings/Children over 2yrs will be required to sit in a purchased seat.  Masks are required to be worn and tickets are limited due to COVID restrictions.

Please note: Siblings cannot be pulled out of class for the performances.  We have scheduled classes to visit rehearsals prior to the performances.

We thank you for your support and look forward to the amazing performances.


Vanessa Buttery and Alice Combe,

LPPS Music Teachers

Enrolment at LPPS

As per our Capacity Management Plan, only families physically living within the Linden Park Primary School zone will be eligible to register for enrolment.  For more information click here

Reception 2022 offers will be posted via Australia Post on Friday 3rd September.  

We will be reviewing our enrolment register with a view to offer selected 2022 places in Yr 1-Yr 6 by W/e 24th September.  

Enrolment in 2021

Linden Park Primary School is operating under a Capacity Management Plan. Currently, no vacancies exist at the school in years Reception – Year 7 and we are not able to offer direct enrolment at the school. Families living within our school zone may register their children for our Enrolment Register.  Click here for more information.

 End of Term 3

Early Dismissal, Casual Clothes with Gold Coin donation

Friday 24th September is the end of Term 3 and school will finish early at 2:10pm. Out of school hours care (OSHC) will be available if required - please phone 8379 4610 or book online via the My Family Lounge app.

To celebrate the end of term 3 the Primary SAC committee are asking all students to wear casual clothes on the last day of term, 24th September and to bring a gold coin donation.

This term the SAC have nominated to put the donated funds towards buying an outdoor clock. Students have suggested that a weather proof outdoor clock near the basketball courts would be beneficial to use for scratch matches and to know what time it is when they are working outside. The clock has a diameter of 540mm and is visible from over 50 meters away. It is priced at $499 but will also require a cage around the outside to protect from any accidental damage. If your child does wear casual clothes, please ask them to make their donation to their classroom teacher. Hopefully the Primary SAC will then be able to purchase the clock and can be installed by the end of 2021.

Term 4 commences Monday 11th October 2021.

Videos for parents


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