** 2022 RECEPTION Enrolment Application form
Linden Park Primary School Zone (PDF 467KB)

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Capacity Management Plan – Updated 13.06.2019 (PDF 34KB)
2021 Enrolment Register Application Form (PDF 697KB)
Enrolment at Linden Park Primary School

Enrolments at Linden Park Primary School are currently in high demand. As a result, the school is currently operating under a Capacity Management Plan. Currently, no vacancies exist at the school in years Reception – Year 7 and we are not able to offer direct enrolment at the school. Families living within our school zone may register their children for our Enrolment Register.

Reception 2022 Registrations of  Interest (D.O.B 1/5/2016 – 30/4/2017)

Linden Park Primary School will be opening the 2022 Reception registration process as per the dates below. As per our Capacity Management Plan, only families physically living within the Linden Park Primary School zone will be eligible to register.

OPENING Date*: Monday 15 March, 2021
CLOSING Date*: Friday 6 August, 2021, 4:00pm* 
*dates may be subject to change, please keep an eye on our school website for possible future changes

Registrations are required to include the following documents:

  • Completed Reception 2022 Registration of Interest Form – attached above.
  • Child’s Proof of Identification (Birth Certificate / Passport)
  • Proof of address:
    •  Renting
      • A copy of your current rental agreement (covering all of 2022 or ‘Letter of Intent’ from your landlord / agent)
      • A copy of your Bond Receipt, issued by Consumer and Business Services
    • Purchased
      • A copy of your Contract of Sale
  • Proof of Length of Time Living in School Zone
    Applicants are asked to provide evidence of the continuous length of time they have been physically living in the Linden Park Primary School zone. Supporting documentation can include the following and must be provided for every year you have been physically living within the school zone: Electricity / Gas Bills, Council Rates Notices, Continuous Rental Agreements
  • A copy of your most current Electricity / Gas Bill
  • Visa Documentation (if applicable)

Once registrations have closed all applications will be reviewed. Families will only be notified of the outcome of their child’s registration after this period. Linden Park Primary School cannot guarantee any 2022 Reception registrations.

2021 Linden Park Primary School Enrolment Register: Reception – Year 7 in 2021

To apply for our 2021 Enrolment Register for Reception – Year 7, your family must physically live in the school zone and supply the school with all of the following supporting documents;

  • Completed 2021 Enrolment Register Application Form
  • Child’s proof of identification (Birth Certificate / Passport)
  • Proof of address:
    •  Renting
      • A copy of your current rental agreement (covering all of 2022 or ‘Letter of Intent’ from your landlord / agent)
      • A copy of your Bond Receipt, issued by Consumer and Business Services
    • Purchased
      • A copy of your Contract of Sale
  • A copy of your most recent electricity or gas bill.  If you have only just connected electricity / gas, please provide a copy of your contract / welcome pack from your supplier, demonstrating name, supply address and connection date.
  • A copy of your child’s visa documentation (if applicable)

In some instances, the school may ask families to supply ‘secondary’ documentation to support proof of address details. Families will be advised which documents to provide upon this request. Zoning criteria is strictly enforced and families who are not able to demonstrate their physical residency within the school zone may not be considered for enrolment. The school is not able to accept applications from families living outside of our school zone or International Education Program students, under the conditions of our Capacity Management Plan.

The school’s preferred method of communication is email so please, where possible, submit your application via email to dl.0647.enrolments@schools.sa.edu.au

Submitting your child’s Enrolment Register Application is not an enrolment at the school, it is an application for your child to be placed on our school Enrolment Register in order to be considered for vacancies if / when they arise. In occasions where children are unable to attend their previous school, Linden Park Primary School can assist by organising an alternate placement at a nearby government primary school for your child to attend. During this time, your child is still able to remain on our Enrolment Register for future consideration.

Alternative Placements

All schools that are subject to a Capacity Management Plan are directed to arrange one alternative placement for families who require it. At which school a child is placed will depend on the closest school with vacancies in the correct year level/s. This is supported by the fact that many of our nearby schools are either at or nearing full capacity. If you would like the school to source an alternative placement for your child, please indicate this on Page 2 of the application form.

Application Assessment

All applications are assessed in accordance with the schools Capacity Management Plan and Enrolment Policy. Families will be asked to provide the school with updated documents on a quarterly basis to demonstrate their continued residency within the school zone. In addition to this, the school’s Enrolment Register is renewed annually – enrolment register families are advised of any changes / requirements via email. The Enrolment Register is not defined as a waiting list as it factors in various criteria.

Unfortunately, the school is not in a position to guarantee when vacancies at the school will arise. Currently, waiting times have ranged from 6 months – 3.5 years. In 2022 government primary schools will no longer offer Year 7, as this year level will move to high schools; this may decrease waiting times for families.

Linden Park Primary School is unable to enrol International Education Program students; for more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:
International Education Services – Department for Education
Telephone: +618 8226 3402    Email: education.isp@sa.gov.au
Website: http://www.internationalstudents.sa.edu.au