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Capacity Management Plan – 29 July 2021 (PDF 238KB)
2022 Enrolment Register Application Form (PDF 501KB)
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Enrolment at Linden Park Primary School

Linden Park Primary School is operating under a Capacity Management Plan.  We are not able to accept enrolment applications from families living outside our school zone.

Currently, no vacancies exist at the school and we are not able to offer direct enrolment at the school

Applications for enrolment for children living in the LPPS school zone will be encouraged to remain at their current primary school, or referred for enrolment to neighbouring schools and placed on the LPPS enrolment register. 

Please note we able unable to estimate how long waiting times will be, as vacancies are dependent on families departing from LPPS and waiting times have ranged from 6 months – 3 years.

Reception in 2023 (Date of birth 1 May 2017 – 30 April 2018)

For children living in the school zone, register of interest for Reception 2023 at Linden Park is now open.

To register, please complete our online form and email: your supporting documents as instructed.  Registrations will be marked as “INCOMPLETE” until all required documentation is received prior to the closing date.

Online Form:

Registrations will close Friday 12 August 2022.  The school will notify parents of the outcome of this process by 9 September 2022. Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on the enrolment register upon request, and referred for enrolment to other neighbouring schools.

Reception – Year 6 in 2022: How to register for enrolment

To apply for our Enrolment Register for Reception – Year 6 in 2022, your family must physically live in the school zone and email the school with all of the following documents to

  • Completed 2022 Enrolment Register Application Form
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Proof of address:
    •  Renting residence
      • A copy of your current rental agreement (covering all of 2022 or ‘Letter of Intent’ from your landlord / agent)
      • A copy of your Bond Receipt, issued by Consumer and Business Services
    • Purchased residence
      • A copy of your Contract of Sale
      • A copy of your recent Rates bill.
  • Gas/Electricity Bill:  If you have only just connected electricity / gas, please provide a copy of your  welcome email from your supplier, showing name, supply address and connection date.
  • A copy of your child’s visa documentation (if applicable). If your child has limited oral and written English; we expect that they attend an Intensive English Language School to develop their English proficiency.  

If you are a full fee-paying international tertiary student studying on visa subclass 500  you will need to visit for the enrolment process, application form and fees.

In some instances, the school may ask families to supply ‘secondary’ documentation to support proof of address details.

It is the responsibility of the parents applying for enrolment to be able to verify to the satisfaction of the school that the information
provided is true and factual.  If a child is enrolled on the basis of false or misleading information (including residential address) the Chief Executive may direct that the child be instead enrolled at another Government school pursuant to section 63(1) of the Education and Children’s Services Act 2019.

Please ensure emails do not exceed 5MB in size as they will be blocked by the Department for Education server.  An email acknowledgment will be sent to confirm it has been received within five days.