Linden Park Primary School aims to develop resilient, innovative, curious and creative lifelong learners who appreciate diversity and who will ultimately make a difference through their actions.


Early Years Sports Day

(Rec, Yr1 and Yr 2 only)

Early Years Sports Day is fast approaching on Wednesday the 8th of November and you will soon be receiving comprehensive information about the day.

This year, we have chosen to reduce our carbon footprint by making all Early Years Sports Day information available electronically via the Skoolbag app and on the school website. In previous years this information has resulted in over 1200 coloured printouts of paper being used, which we feel is contradictory to our social responsibility as global citizens.

Please be sure to check the app and website frequently in the lead up to Sports Day to ensure you do not miss any important information about the event.

Class Placement 2018

We are about to start the process of allocating students to classes for 2018.

During the process of class placement and allocation students to new classes, we do the very best we can for individuals, cohorts and year levels in terms of striving for the best possible learning outcomes for all.

For more information about the process and to complete the eForm – please go to the Skoolbag App (a link is on the home page) and complete your ‘Class Placement 2018’ form by Friday 29 September. If your child is not returning in 2018, please still complete the eForm and mark the “not returning” box.

LPPS School Musical

The  LPPS School Musical “When I Grow Up”  will be held on Friday 20 October 6:30pm and  Saturday 21 October 4:30pm at Marryatville High School’s The Forge Theatre.

Tickets have now SOLD OUT – thank you for your support 

Classes performing:

Friday 20th October 2017 – 6.30pm will be Rooms 3, 5, 28, 31.

Saturday 21st October 2017 – 4.30pm will be Rooms 1, 2, 4, 29, 30.


If you have feedback or would like to meet and discuss any issues, you will find an appropriate method by following the link below.

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