Linden Park Primary School aims to develop resilient, innovative, curious and creative lifelong learners who appreciate diversity and who will ultimately make a difference through their actions.


Uniform Shop Hours

22 January 2018
8:30am to 9:30am
2:00pm to 3:30pm

23 January 2018
8:30am to 9:30am
2:00pm to 3:30pm

25 January 2018
8:00am to 9:00am

Term 1 2018:

Mondays and Tuesdays
8:30am to 9:30am
2:00pm to 3:30pm


Enrolment in 2018

Enrolments at Linden Park Primary School are in high demand and we are currently operating under a Capacity Management Plan.  At this time we are not able to offer enrolment in any year level. We are unable to enrol any International Education Program students. 

New eligible applicants for 2018 enrolment will be put straight onto our Enrolment Register. Capacity Management plan criteria will be strictly enforced.  Families will only be contacted once a vacancy becomes available. Unfortunately waiting times for families on our register can be from 6 months to two years.  We do not operate a register for 2019 and beyond.

If children on our register are unable to attend their previous school we can organise an alternate placement at a neighbouring government primary school. During this time they still remain on our Register for future consideration.

Please refer to our Quicklink “How to Enrol” for more detailed information.

First Day in 2018 

The first day of Term 1 2018 is Monday 29th January. 

School will start 8:50am.


If you have feedback or would like to meet and discuss any issues, you will find an appropriate method by following the link below.

Feedback/request a meeting