Linden Park Primary School aims to develop resilient, innovative, curious and creative lifelong learners who appreciate diversity and who will ultimately make a difference through their actions.


LPPS Governing Council AGM

    UPDATE: 18/2/2019

    We have had 2 parents withdraw their nomination so we will not be holding a contested election.  

    Parents are still welcome to attend the AGM but there will be no voting. 

    All 8 remaining  nominees will be inducted into the LPPS Governing Council at the AGM to be held on 18th February 2019 at 7.00pm in the staff room in the main admin building.

    Enrolment in 2019

    Next Available School Tour: 22nd May 2019 9:15am – please register your attendance on 

    Please be aware, enrolments at Linden Park Primary School are in high demand and we are currently operating under a Capacity Management Plan. At this time we are not able to offer enrolment in any year level. We are unable to enrol any International Education Program students.

    We can only accept applications for enrolment from families physically living in the Linden Park Primary School zone.

    Reception 2020:
    Registrations of Interest:

    Open Date:
    Monday 29 April, 2019
    Closing Date:
    Friday 13 September, 2019

    Please refer to our Quicklink “How to Enrol” for more detailed information.

    2018 Volunteer Award

    The Minister for Education Volunteering Award for Outstanding Service aims to recognise those in school communities who make a significant contribution to enhancing and uplifting the lives of others by volunteering.

    We recently asked for 2018 Volunteer Award nominations from the many Linden Park parent volunteers who help make the teaching and learning at our school possible.

    At the Volunteer morning tea on Wednesday 5th December we celebrated our many volunteers and were able to announce the winner.

    In a very tight community vote, Wes Legrand  was confirmed as our 2018 Volunteer Award Winner by our Principal, Deb O’Neill  and Kate Hannemann, Chair of LPPS Governing Council.  Greta Lake was also congratulated as runner up.

    Thank you to all our amazing parent volunteers, all the nominees and congratulations to Wes!


    If you have feedback or would like to meet and discuss any issues, you will find an appropriate method by following the link below.

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